New Beginnings

There are times when we need new beginnings.

You are not alone…

Nothing is unfolding for you the way you had planned…or it’s unfolding and you’re still unfulfilled and unhappy.  There is a nagging exhaustion, frustration, anger, restlessness.  That is me.

I had to ask myself over and over, what is it I am created to do?  Who am I created to be?  What is my calling, my contribution.  I knew once I found it…and responded to it…success, peace, contentment would find me, regardless of my circumstances.    It’s a path I’m still on, but one that is much clearer to me.  To find it, I was in prayer, study and coaching.

As an introvert ignoring my own needs, I ended up exhausted, unfulfilled, resentful.

Calling all introverts who, like Nehemiah and like me, hear their calling but feel totally unprepared, unworthy, unable…all the “un’s” and you’re doing your best to hide from all that God created you to be.  Emphasis on “be.”  We are human beings, not humans doing.

Tiptoe if you must…and take action, baby steps are just fine.  Then ramp it up!

Abandonment and Betrayal

Abandonment and Betrayal, I find those most painful emotions must be felt, looked at and recognized for what they are…abandonment and betrayal, the rawness of it.  A present reality that springs forth the hurt of years past that have not been given their due. Continue reading “Abandonment and Betrayal”

Free and Unconditional Love

Too often we think of ourselves as righteous and our duty, our calling to wag a finger at others…it’s often done from a position of fear (not fulfilling our duty or calling) or from lack of faith…God just doesn’t quite get it or know what He’s doing.  It is He that touches the heart and turns it whichever way.  We are called to love.  Love does not include wagging a finger and making judgments. In fact, it imprisons us if we don’t love freely and with unreasonableness.  Is it easy…no, not until practiced it into a habit.  Continue reading “Free and Unconditional Love”

Faith Springs Eternal

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)  I find it includes being comfortable with not knowing what to expect…life without a plan!  Getting in flow and staying there for as long as I can.

A learned process. Not a natural outcropping of my personality. Continue reading “Faith Springs Eternal”