The String – is there a code?


I’m beginning to experience this influence in my life that is both perplexing and fascinating:  I’m collecting and saving string.

Maybe that’s just being a good steward of the earth and her resources … or is it something more sinister … like an old-person-universal-genetic-code.  That once you reach a certain age, you must collect string and wrap it in a little but expanding ball.

There was a day when I laughed at my father-in-law for his collection of string.  I was cleaning his house and suggested we throw out this varied conglomeration of string.   He looked at me like I had three heads.  Beyond surprise,  his shock accompanied a firm protested.

Well, Carl, today I’ve channeled your habit and I am quite proud of my growing (and useful) collection.  You were a wise old codger.

–  –  –